The IAOPA Role

IAOPA has had a significant impact on world aviation. Among its accomplishments, IAOPA worked with international organizations to:

  • Mandate requirements for improved general aviation facilities at international airports.
  • Validate private pilot licenses by foreign countries.
  • Remove GA from airline requirements and develop international operational guidelines specifically for general aviation.
  • Revise the world airspace classification system to provide for general aviation operations.
  • Restructure and improve the ICAO pilot licensing requirements.
  • Permit VFR and mixed VFR/IFR operations within controlled airspace.
  • Reduce the impact of avionics and other equipment requirements for general aviation aircraft to operate within controlled airspace.
  • Help plan the Future Air Navigation System to the advantage of general aviation.
  • Educate world aviation bodies about general aviation and aerial work activities.
  • Eliminate restrictions to the use of airports and airspace.